Pampers vs Huggies

Hello Everyone! How’s it going? It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything!  I’ve been busy with my other blog The Paperback Princess.  But I’m back 😀.

So..the other day I received a sample pack from Pampers (Size 5) to try on my 3 year old son.  They were the swaddler overnight ones.  I’ve been using The Huggies brand and thought I’d give the Pampers a try to see if they were any better.  

The results..


– There’s a wetness indicator on the outside of the diaper, which is perfect for newborns.

-The diaper is light and thin.  Not thick and bulky like some other brands.


– They don’t fit as nicely as Huggies.  I find Huggies fits like a pair of underwear, which is great for babies and toddlers with a larger frame. 

The Verdict:

I still prefer Huggies.  For my son, D anyway.  Pampers seem to be more suited for a smaller frame, like my daughters.  I used to use Pampers for my older daughter when she was little, but they didn’t have the overnight ones back then and the only other time I have used the swaddlers, was when my 10 month old was a newborn. 

Looks like I’ll be saving the Pampers Size 5’s for when my 10 month old can fit into them.  For now, I’m going back to the Huggies brand for my son.

Which diaper brand do you or did you like using?


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