I married Superman

Ok. So maybe my husband can’t actually fly, shoot lasers from his eyes, or wear a red cape. But he IS a super human being: an amazing husband and father. His powers are manning our 4 children, making delicious meals and taking care of the household chores while I’m at work.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t have the same kind of patience he does, nor do I have the same cooking skills he does. Being away from the kids for a short period, makes me a better parent. Which is why I work and my hubby stays home. With my first child, it was the other way around. I stayed home for almost 5 years while he went to work.

I recently read a post from a SAHM on one of my FB groups and it made me sad. Her spouse was complaining and asked her what she does all day at home with the kids because the house was a mess. The thing is, I think A LOT of people seem to think that being a stay-at-home parent is easy. Because they are home, there should be time to do everything right?

It’s amazing how much time and effort goes into looking after a child, especially if they’re not of school age. They either need to be fed, changed or entertained by something/someone other than the TV. The only time you have to get things done, is if they’re napping or you have help from a family member or nanny. And if you throw 2 or more kids into the picture..whoa. It’s like a zoo! I don’t know how my hubby does it all week, but I get pretty frazzled watching all 4 of my kids for a day. On my watch, hardly anything gets done and the house looks like a tornado hit it. I’m either the peace keeper between my two boys, catering to the needs of a baby, or going over school work with the oldest.

It’s very rare to meet a stay-at-home dad. So hats off to all the dads out there who are just like my husband. You deserve to be recognized just like all the hard-working moms!


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