Life With Boys

Remember in grade school when us girls used to think boys were weird, gross or had cooties?  Well..after having 2 boys, I can say that they are an interesting breed. They ARE weird and sometimes gross!

There are things/traits I have come to learn and never would have known until now.  Here are the top   10 things I’ve learned about boys under 5 yrs old:

1.  Boys like to stick things up their nose or in their ears.  Why? I have no clue. See exhibit A.

2.  Boys are really messy! My house gets messier faster than I can clean it.  I swear a tornado blows through my house every day.

3.  Boys are whiny and cry babies..more than little girls.  Seriously.  My daughter was needy when she was little, but never an emotional wreck like my two boys.
4.  Boys are very hands-on and like to touch EVERYTHING.  I never understood why baby proofing the house was necessary until I had my boys.  Now I know 😂

5.  This one was new to me, but I did not realize boys liked playing with their penis at a really young age.  It’s like a kiddie version of American Pie. 

6.  Boys naturally like to wrestle with each other.  

7.  They like to eat dirt.  Yuck!

8.  Boys think it’s fun to fart or make farting noises.  They also think the word “Poo” is hilarious and might incorporate it into songs.  Weirdos!

9.  Boys like to play with girl toys and sometimes dress up like one. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

10.   Baby boys smell different than baby girls.  

Do you have boys? What did you learn that was new to you that you didn’t know before?


8 thoughts on “Life With Boys

  1. Caroline B. Poser says:

    I have three sons and no daughters. I’m probably a decade ahead of you — but I will say #6 still rings true. They like to wrestle even as teens. I tell them it’s time to go somewhere and they start wrestling or poking at each other. Then they do it in the back seat of the car, too. If they’re not doing it to each other they do it to the dog! I don’t remember my boys being all that whiny, but they are definitely sensitive and I have found it’s important to help them identify and then validate their feelings (from a very young age), so they know what it is that they are actually feeling and don’t grow up with the emotional repertoire of “happy” and “angry.” Also, I am past the smelly stage (except for my hockey player who is proud of his stink): they are all into grooming now.

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